Top Tips to Create a Happy Home

We believe our homes can make us happy and we love this beautiful definition of home from Alain de Botton, “Home, a place that can bring as much comfort to the soul as to the body.” Even small styling choices can help to create little moments of joy through the day; such as a morning coffee from a beautiful handmade cup or being cocooned in a cosy blanket as the day fades.

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Room Therapy: A Calm Kitchen

Hello, It’s Angela here. As promised, I’d love to share a little of my own kitchen and garden space as featured in this September 2019 House Beautiful magazine.

5 years or so ago we moved into our home and the big and expensive project was our kitchen and garden. The most important question to reflect on was how we wanted to feel in this space and the overwhelming desire was to feel calm. To create a calm and calming space. We live on a crazy busy road and lead busy lives as we all do and so a feeling of calm is exactly what we needed at this quieter side of our home…

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Cocoon Home Comforts... A Sneak Peek!

Cocoon Home Comforts is our handpicked collection of home accessories that will nurture all your senses and bring a dose of everyday joy into your home. This is a collection of products that you can’t find together anywhere on the high street, that we have discovered or been inspired to create by our trips to Denmark, Marrakech, Majorca and London, and of course by you our clients.

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Room Therapy: A Creative Kitchen

How do you want to feel when you are in your kitchen? Would you rather feel calm, balanced and serene with an elegant and soothing scheme, or perhaps you would prefer a cosy, warm and eclectic look? Many will want to experience the luxurious feel of a cutting edge designer kitchen, whilst others will prefer a traditional, earthy and authentic design.

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3 Easy Ways to Create an Outdoor Living-room

A touch of blue sky, a burst of sunshine and the temperature is well into double digits so it must be time to get creative in the garden. In the warmer months being outside in nature lifts the spirits and is good for the soul. Make the most of the space you have available with these three simple tips that will help you to create an outdoor living room to enjoy well into autumn.

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Room Therapy: Stylish Hallway Storage

We are often asked by our clients about storage and one of the most challenging rooms in the home to keep organised is the hallway. As well as the coats to hang, there are shoes, gloves and scarves as well as bags and if you have kids, school bags and sports kits etc. The list goes on!

So here are some simple and stylish solutions to these dilemmas, to keep your hallways organised without compromising on style.

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Spring Therapy: Refresh and Revive

If all seasons have their own personality then spring is energetic, optimistic, and joyful. The colour palette brings soft warmth, including pastel shades of gentle yellows, pale blues, calm greens and blush pinks. These colours bring a feeling of space, light and optimism, making them idea for social spaces such as the living room.

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Room Therapy: the Joy of Staying in

These short winter days and dark icy nights call for some serious down time, self-indulgence and general hibernation. At this time of year the sun makes a very rare appearance so energies are running low, we have post-Christmas fatigue, and most of us are fighting off some sort of winter bug. Throw in the added pressure of dry January, new year diets, new year’s life resolutions and exercise regimes and it’s no wonder that many of us find ourselves frazzled and fed-up by mid January! My message is simple: beat the January blues and discover the Joy of Staying In!

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5 Ways to Style your Home with a Sheepskin Rug

We were recently asked what our favourite item in our home was and we both agreed that the sheepskin rug is definitely up there in our top picks for easy and cosy styling. A sheepskin is a versatile accessory working well in neutral room schemes where it can bring depth and texture, as well as in more colourful rooms where it brings warmth and cosiness.

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Cocoon Has Coffee With: Sophie Hunter


Every day is different for me as Monday to Wednesday I teach art A level at a secondary school which I love, it keeps me up to date with what the teenagers are up to- they teach me what jungle music is! Thursday and Friday are my precious private days that I love to spend painting in my studio. In between all that I fit in kids’ school run, the dog walks, baking with my daughter and dealing with children’s homework!

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Emily Wells
Paris is Always a Good Idea!

Paris is always a good idea... A phrase made famous by the beautiful Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina but oh so true! It would seem that most fashion brands have fallen in love with Paris this year with PARIS printed across many a top. One such top made it into my 14 year old daughter’s wardrobe last month, shortly followed by, ‘I’d LOVE to go to Paris mum!’

Alors, pourqui pas! I really didn’t take much convincing. So we set off for 24 hours in Paris. A real treat!

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5 Ways to Bring Your Holiday Vibe Back Home With You

Sand in your feet, salt in your hair, the scent of orange blossom in the air. Olive trees twinkling with candle-lit lanterns, huge terracotta pots tumbling with herbs and flowers, a cold glass of rose in your hand and the sound of children laughing.  If only we could bottle that holiday feeling and bring it home with us…

I was inspired on my recent Easter holiday to Cyprus try to do just that, and so I have come up with my list of tips to add a touch of holiday charm to your home in a few simple steps. Mediterranean style, here we come!

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