5 Ways to Bring Your Holiday Vibe Back Home With You

Sand in your feet, salt in your hair, the scent of orange blossom in the air. Olive trees twinkling with candle-lit lanterns, huge terracotta pots tumbling with herbs and flowers, a cold glass of rose in your hand and the sound of children laughing.  If only we could bottle that holiday feeling and bring it home with us…

I was inspired on my recent Easter holiday to Cyprus try to do just that, and so I have come up with my list of tips to add a touch of holiday charm to your home in a few simple steps. Mediterranean style, here we come!

1. Herbs in the kitchen in beautiful painted pots

For me a huge part of the beauty of the Mediterranean comes from not just the sun and sea, but the plant life that grows all around the beaches: the rosemary bushes, pots of wisteria and bourganvilia, and fields of olive groves and citrus trees. A cheap and easy way to bring a touch of this to your kitchen is with a lovely selection of fresh herbs. Rosemary, basil, thyme, they all smell and taste of holidays and in an eclectic collection of pots they will look gorgeous on your kitchen worktop too. 

Or a potted olive tree on the patio is always gorgeous. Add some fairy lights and pour yourself a glass of wine and that holiday vibe is well within reach. Crocus.co.uk have a great selection of herbs and plants… do take a look.

2. Outdoor lighting- garden lanterns and lights

Easter Sunday fell while we were in Cyprus this year,  and caused a huge celebration in the village square. Lanterns were hung from the olive trees and festoon lights were strewn across the courtyards over the dining tables. Adding fairy or festoon lights to your garden trees is an easy and effective way to bring atmosphere on the lovely long summer evenings we can now look forward to. Cox & Cox do a brilliant range which look pretty hung across a garden shed or summer house, or run them all the way along your fence. Hanging lanterns with LED tea lights from your apple trees is an other lovely way to add a touch of twinkle and needn’t be expensive. These lanterns from Ikea are only £4 each and be strewn from branches with a bit of garden wire or string.

3. Painted ceramics

Painted bowls filled with delicious dips and decorated with herbs, or beautiful tiled floors in shades of blues. Or, to get a quick tile fix, just order a couple of your favourites from Fired Earth and use them as coasters for your coffee, or lay them in front of your fireplace and add candles.

4. Scents of the Med

If you don’t fancy the upkeep of bringing the real thing into your home Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom range comes a close second to the delicious sweet floral scent of the real thing. The moment I get home from holiday I treat myself to her delicious hand and body wash or scented candle.

Jo Malone.jpeg

5. Add a splash of Aqua

 Aquas, turquoise and teals are colours of nature, bring a calmness and tranquility, and yet also can be vibrant and energetic. A simple turquoise runner on your kitchen table or a beautiful scented candle can transport you back to your holiday and add a cool Mediterranean vibe to your home. My absolute favourite candle has to be this one below, or take inspiration from this gorgeous roomset at Petersham Nurseries and get the whole look


Here is our Cocoon board of ideas for bringing that summer vibe home.