Room Therapy: A Creative Kitchen

How do you want to feel when you are in your kitchen? Would you rather feel calm, balanced and serene with an elegant and soothing scheme, or perhaps you would prefer a cosy, warm and eclectic look? Many will want to experience the luxurious feel of a cutting edge designer kitchen, whilst others will prefer a traditional, earthy and authentic design.

When I (Mel) recently asked myself this question, I realised that my neutral grey and white ‘scandi’ style kitchen did not deliver on my emotional goals for this space. I wanted it to feel bright, creative and joyful as it’s where I spend a good 80% of my day. This is the where I work, cook, eat, help the kids with their homework, the list goes on. So getting the feel right was really important to me, although my options were limited since we had only installed the kitchen 4 years ago (back then I was ta very sleep-deprived mother of a 9 month old baby managing a complete house re-furbishment and I have to confess I played it safe with colour).

So with lots of ideas but a limited budget I recently set out to bring a new freshness and brightness to the room adding energising colours that bring me joy. I mainly achieved this using fun splashes of paint around the room, as well as adding some inexpensive accessories that I relocated from other rooms in my home. Let’s start at the kitchen table.

1. Painting the Kitchen Table

I have always been drawn to sunshine yellow, it’s a colour I often wear and will especially reach for when I feel I need a little pick-me-up, for it’s energising properties. However, I had not really considered bringing it into my home decor until now. Yellow seemed to be the perfect colour to bring in all those emotions that I wanted to feel in the room: light, bright, welcoming, joyful and fun. So where better to start than the kitchen table which is really at the heart of the room? I mixed Annie Sloan English Yellow with Cream until I got just the tone I was after. A couple of hours later and with the help of my 10 year old son, we had a vibrant, welcoming kitchen table that felt like a pop of pure joy. I threw over a colourful table runner for contrast and texture and that’s it, it was so simple. It has really transformed the space and the whole family loves the result. (check out the images below for the before shot too- what do you think?)

2. Updating my Work Space

My desk is tucked into a little alcove in front of a lovely light window, and I wanted to bring the new energy and light from the table into my workspace too. I painted the little blackboard on the wall in the same yellow as the table legs to link the two spaces, and added some colourful tiles to the table on which I can place a plant or candle. Finally I “shopped my home” and moved this cushion from the living room onto my desk chair as it brings in the yellow and turquoise colours. My pens are kept in old plants pots and cups that are old market finds, and I have a lovely large pin-board next to my desk that’s full of ideas and information. These small changes have brought a new creative feel to the space.

3. Creating a Wall of Open Shelving

Bringing some open shelving into your kitchen provides an opportunity to be expressive, creative and colourful if you want to. This end of my kitchen is already quite dark, there is little natural light and it is right next to the hob. I was no longer feeling the love for the grey pin boards and plain white wall (see before photo below) so I decided to move the pin-board to my already colourful desk area, and replace the white paint with a rich green-blue colour that make all the accessories I placed on the shelves really pop. I have chosen to display colourful crockery and favourite recipe books as well as plants, herbs and my chopping boards. This makes it a practical space and also adds lots of interest and personality to the room. If like me, you like changing things around with the seasons, then open shelving is easy to update and re-style as often as you like. Again it was super easy to do, all I bought was a tin of paint which is Farrow and Ball Inchyra Blue, and the two shelves which are from Garden Trading.

So this was my (Mel’s) take on a kitchen that created the right atmosphere for me. We will soon be following this up with a post from Angela on how she created her own kitchen with a very different feel, so do look out for that-coming soon!

We always encourage our clients to think about how they want a room to look and FEEL. Once you really hone in on what the room is used for and how you want to feel being in it, then it can unlock lots of style and colour ideas that really feel like YOU. This helps us to create a scheme that brings you that happy feeling that we all want from our homes.

Please get in touch if you would like us to help you style a room in your home, and please feel free to leave any comments or questions below, we would love to hear from you!