Room Therapy: Stylish Hallway Storage

We are often asked by our clients about storage, and one of the most challenging rooms in the home to keep organised is the hallway. As well as the coats to hang, there are shoes, gloves, scarves and bags. And if you have kids there are the school bags, sports kits, the list goes on!

So here are our top tips for simple and stylish solutions to keep your hallway clutter-free.

  1. Get Creative with the Carpentry

A bespoke built-in solution maximises storage in any space as you can use up every nook and cranny with shelving for shoes and bags and hooks or cupboards for coats. Each member of the family can have their own cubby hole, and you can customise coat and shoe space so that it suits your needs perfectly.

A “boot room” style hallway doesn’t have to be large, it’s about getting creative with the space you have available so that it works as hard as possible for you. Painting out your carpentry in the same colour as your walls and choosing a complimentary tile for the floor will create a polished yet practical space.

2. Bring in a Bench

However, where space and/or budgets don’t allow for a bespoke built-in solution, there are many other simple additions you can make to the hallway that provide stylish storage. A small hallway bench seat is always a pretty and practical feature; it provides somewhere to perch whilst putting on your shoes, and a lift up seat lid to hide your winter coats come summer or summer shoes/ buckets & spades in winter, for example. Or a more simple bench perch can bring a more organic ‘scandi’ feel to your hallway and you can sit a row of pretty baskets underneath it to house shoes, gloves, scarves for example.

3. Make use of wall space

A good wall can take a lot of storage! A wooden peg rail is perfect for hanging up pretty woven baskets that tie in with the colour scheme of your room- one basket for each family member’s accessories is usually a good ideal! Vintage wire shelves are great for placing your keys and phone as you come through the door, and wooden crates are a stylish and characterful way to hide away shoes. So do make the most of your walls as this can free up floor space creating a less cluttered and cleaner feel in your hallway.


Hopefully this has given you a little dose of inspiration to get organising your hallway! If you have any questions or comments, or there is anything you would like us to write about in future blogs, please do let us know in the comments below.

In the mean time, here is a little round-up of some quick and easy hallway storage solutions:

  • Please note this blog contains some images styled and photographed by Cocoon Home Therapy, and others sourced from Pinterest.