Top Tips to Create a Happy Home

We believe our homes can make us happy and we love this beautiful definition of home from Alain de Botton,

“Home, a place that can bring as much comfort to the soul as to the body.”

Even small styling choices can help to create little moments of joy through the day; such as a morning coffee from a beautiful handmade cup or being cocooned in a cosy blanket as the day fades.

This connection between our emotional well-being and our home environment is the subject of a new piece of research from the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen entitled, “What makes a happy home?”. They surveyed 13,000 people across 10 countries and asked them 44 questions (if you would like to read the full report click here). In this blog we share what we think are the most interesting findings, and add our own tips on how to increase your happiness at home.

The research shows that our homes have a big impact on how we feel. In fact, our homes are one of the biggest factors in our overall happiness, more than income or employment status. 73% of people who are happy in their home are happy in life.

The report identifies five emotions that ultimately decide how happy we feel in our home: pride, comfort, identity, safety and control. 

1. PRIDE 44% of people said it was important to them to feel proud of their home, whether it is due to completing a recent DIY project or investing time time and energy to make a place feel like home.

Cocoon Tip: small feel-good changes like a cosy new blanket for your sofa are an easy place to start, and might then inspire a bigger update such as painting a room or up-cycling a piece of furniture. Or let us help you with our Cocoon my Room styling service.

Cocoon yourself in one of our cosy blankets at the end of the day…

Cocoon yourself in one of our cosy blankets at the end of the day…

2. COMFORT Many people talked about their home as a sanctuary or haven from the outside world, a place where we can relax and unwind. “For me, my house is my sanctuary. My home is an extension of my soul.” Diana, 36

Cocoon Tip: there is something so comforting about candle-light; the tiny ritual of lighting a favourite scented candle can help to create a cosy feeling of happiness and belonging.

Light a favourite candle and relax… click  here  to shop

Light a favourite candle and relax… click here to shop

3. IDENTITY It is important that our home feels like an extension of ourselves, somewhere we can express our own unique personality whether it’s via the colour we paint the walls or the furniture we choose. “Our home spaces are a collection of our lives and who we are and where we have been.” Lindsay Graham, Psychologist

Cocoon Tip: we often see clients who have pieces of furniture that they have either inherited or had for many years, which they now feel are outdated or no longer go with their scheme. We think it is these special pieces that have lived with you or a loved one over the years that tell your unique story and make a home personal. Try updating them to make them work for you; get an old chair reupholstered in a gorgeous new fabric or an antique cupboard painted in a favourite colour.

4. SAFETY We want to feel safe and secure in our homes.

Cocoon Tip: Safety is not just about locking the front door, it’s also a feeling of security and belonging. Choosing colours that makes us feel calm and rooted such as earthy greens, rusty coppers, and textures such as cosy wool and soft sheepskin can help us feel warm and safe.

The warmth and softness of a pure Icelandic sheepskin- available in our shop  here

The warmth and softness of a pure Icelandic sheepskin- available in our shop here

5. CONTROL This is about the level to which we decide what happens in our home. Our lives are always changing so a happy home is a lifetime project- we need homes that we can adapt and change with us through life.

Cocoon Tip: making small regular updates in our homes help it evolve and adapt to our ever changing lives. A seasonal de-clutter and refresh can help us feel we have things under control.

We believe that creating the right home environment can lift our spirits and we would love to help you feel happier in your home. Do get in touch if you would like some help styling your home, and please do check out our new on-line shop.

We donate a small percentage of our profits from our shop to Shelter. who help millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness.