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Room Therapy: A Calm Kitchen

Hello, It’s Angela here. As promised, I’d love to share a little of my own kitchen and garden space as featured in this September 2019 House Beautiful magazine.

5 years or so ago we moved into our home and the big and expensive project was our kitchen and garden. The most important question to reflect on was how we wanted to feel in this space and the overwhelming desire was to feel calm. To create a calm and calming space. We live on a crazy busy road and lead busy lives as we all do and so a feeling of calm is exactly what we needed at this quieter side of our home…

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Cocoon Home Comforts... A Sneak Peek!

Cocoon Home Comforts is our handpicked collection of home accessories that will nurture all your senses and bring a dose of everyday joy into your home. This is a collection of products that you can’t find together anywhere on the high street, that we have discovered or been inspired to create by our trips to Denmark, Marrakech, Majorca and London, and of course by you our clients.

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Room Therapy: A Creative Kitchen

How do you want to feel when you are in your kitchen? Would you rather feel calm, balanced and serene with an elegant and soothing scheme, or perhaps you would prefer a cosy, warm and eclectic look? Many will want to experience the luxurious feel of a cutting edge designer kitchen, whilst others will prefer a traditional, earthy and authentic design.

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