• Please wash only in Cold Water and then line dry. No artificial heat.


  • Before using for the first time, we recommend that you soak your hammam towel in cold water overnight before machine washing at 40°C and air-drying (warm tumble drying is also fine,but be careful to not over dry). This will make the fibres stronger and the absorption better. It also reduces shrinkage.

  • Wash your hammam towels with similar colours. Hammam towels can be washed up to 60 degrees and can be tumbled dried.

  • The use of fabric softener can make hammam towels less absorbent. So do not use fabric softener or use as little as possible. We advise not to iron the hammam towels, as it will close the fibres which makes it less absorbent.


  • Your sheepskin rug is a natural product and if looked after properly you will be able to enjoy the comfort and softness for many years. Sheepskin fibres stick together and flatten down while traveling and when packed. After receiving your rug give it a good shake outside to awaken and lift the wool fibres. Your purchased product is a natural, recently tanned brand new item so it will have a certain smell whose intensity will diminish with airing, usage and time.

  • All natural hide shed some fur and is completely normal. Fibre shedding after first installation to its new place is quiet common and you might think it will be loosing all it’s fur content and your sheepskin is going to end up going bold – relax it will not. After a few weeks you will find that your rug will settle down and wool will stay remain nice and dense as was original.

  • Take your rug outside once a week and give it a good shake to remove dust and dirt and brush it over with a common pet brush.

  • If your sheepskin rug is placed oi a high traffic area you might need to clean more often.


  • To give a washing machine or hand wash clean to genuine sheepskin rug is not advised by Milabert.

  • It is better to spot clean with a special sheepskin detergent mixed with water to create a foam. Take a clean cloth and rub away any stains using the minimum water you can. Do not use rug until dry completely. Always dry naturally and avoid drying on the radiator, in the tumble drier, or placing in direct sunshine

  • Wool detergents are not recommended for the washing of sheepskins as they may contain chelating agents, phosphates, alkali, bleach, phosphoric acid enzymes... etc. All are harmful to leather and should not be used.


  • Tin is a metal and therefore it reacts with moisture like all other metals, although it reacts less than for example silver or copper. So it will get a little darker after it gets wet and this is normal for this product.

  • If you want to keep it light and shimmering, dry it immediately after it gets wet. You can clean it with water and a mild detergent, but you have to dry it directly after cleaning.

  • Do not wash in a dishwasher.