Ceramic Incense Holder

Ceramic Incense Holder


These unique handmade incense holders were inspired by Danish ceramics we fell in love with on a recent trip to Copenhagen. Light your favourite incense and take a moment to yourself…

Designed and handmade by KT Robbins Ceramics, inspired by nature...made by hand

About the Artist: Katie is a lover of the natural world, especially plants and flowers, she combines her passions to make functional, everyday objects that bring joy.

Her work is either made on the wheel or slipcast, and then hand-finished. Simple in design, her shapes are always considered and the pieces are given a contemporary finish with glazes and colour combinations which often find their inspiration in nature.

We adore her handmade incense holder; designed to last and to treasure. She uses porcelain, often considered a luxury material, as it has a smooth and tactile finish. Katie works out of her garden studio in Kings Heath, Birmingham

  • Measures: Incense holder approx. 6cm diameter and 1.5cm high.

  • Care: gentle handwash

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