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Cocoon my Room

“our concept boards and shopping guides



Are you in need of a dose of interior inspiration?

Perhaps you have just had an extension but it doesn’t quite feel like home yet? Or you’ve just moved house and really don’t have the time to get creative but want somewhere lovely to come home to at the end of the day? Or perhaps your kids are taking over your life and you need help making your home stylish yet practical? 

The Cocoon My Room Service is designed to capture your unique personal style, aspirations and practical needs. 

After careful consideration of your brief we will provide you with a Visual Concept Board containing all the solutions for your room including furnishings, accessories, lighting, colours and fabrics, complete with a Click-to-Shop interactive shopping guide. We will leave you feeling happy, inspired and fully armed with the tools you need to Cocoon Your Room.

Example of a Cocoon my Room Board and Click-to-shop interactive shopping guide


"Your warm welcoming presence combined with your gentle yet thorough consulting style has delivered a beautiful interior design scheme interpreting my style and covering every aspect imaginable in an easy-to-use board and guide to move forward."

Preeya, St Margarets, London


How does Cocoon my Room work?

We offer two versions of this service: On-Line and In Person. Our in person service covers the Borough of Richmond upon Thames and surrounding areas only. Whichever version you choose, there are 4 simple steps which we aim to complete within two weeks.


Cocoon my Room Client Brief

This is where we can get to know you and understand how you want your home to make you feel, as well as the specific practicalities of the room in question. Click here to view the Client Briefing Form.


We meet over Face Time or Skype to discuss the details of your brief

We sit down together with a coffee at our kitchen table and talk through your brief while you show us your space. We get to know each other and have the opportunity to ask each other any questions.


We go away and do all the work!

  • We create your beautiful bespoke Cocoon my Room Concept Board. This will give you an inspiring vision of your new room with specific styling solutions including furniture, accessories, lighting, window treatments, and paint colours.

  • We produce a Click-to-Shop interactive shopping guide alongside this board so that you can purchase the suggested items in your own time.

  • We email you your board and shopping guide, and pop a Cocoon Colour Therapy Kit in the post which will include fabric swatches for curtains/ upholstery, carpet swatches and paint colours.


We meet again over Face Time or Skype to go through any questions you might have about your room.

We want to leave you feeling happy, energised and inspired, fully armed with the tools to Cocoon your room. We offer 1 week of post-design client support to answer any questions or make any revisions.

*Please note steps 2-4 will be completed face to face if you are using our “In Person” Service.

Do you still have some questions? Please email us here or take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions


"We loved the room boards as they made a very useful visual aid and a reference point that we could keep going back to."

Layla, East Molesey, Surrey

Laffan Bedroom_03_preview.jpeg

Cocoon my Room

£295 Per Room

timeline: 2 weeks

Cocoon my Room
In Person

£395 per room

in the borough of Richmond only


"The boards work really well to help conceptualise the whole look of a room, provide options and choices and generally make you feel special - not many experience a customised home design experience at such great value for money."

Eva, Hampton, London