We have selected a collection of cushions, sheepskins and wool throws to dress the 2 sofas. This selection embraces a colour palette of greys, blues, oranges and pinks to compliment and lift the sofa colour. The choice of patterns and textures bring Moroccan flavour and cosiness to the room. We have chosen a grown up, elegant chair for the window area and placed a metal stool for use as a side table and a pouffe alongside. There are 2 further footstools to be placed near each sofa. We envisage a couple of round tables with floor pouffes for the middle of the room. We are suggesting a gas burner with a choice of 2 tiles. Small lighting changes and alternative door knobs for the build in cupboards help complete the look. We have carpet samples and fabric suggestions for curtains to discuss!

Keywords: moroccan flavour, comfortable, cosy, furnished

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