We have chosen some lovely fabrics in pink and turquoise with happy and modern prints. We see one of these being used for a bespoke pin boards either for the wall to the left as you enter Ruby’s room and / alongside Ruby’s bed. This will add personality and colour and allow Ruby plenty of display space. We also imagine using a mix of these fabrics for floor cushions with the pom pom trims.

We have suggested a single bed from Loaf in a blush wool. We realise that this was not part of the brief but looking ahead to Ruby growing out of her current bed at some point, we thought it was worth showing you. We love the duvet cover you found at Next and do have chosen some cushions, a throw and a powder pink sheepskin as ideas for further dressing the bed. We have chosen a drawer bed in light grey for under the bed. This can be used for tidy storage and for an extra bed so is handy. We are suggesting a mint stool with a blush light for Ruby’s bedside. The little house shaped shelf would be useful in the bed area for books or other things and comes in a couple of sizes and so you can create a nice display if you wish. The light up clips for photo display would look lovely on the pin board.

We are suggesting a painted chest of drawers with a mirror on top instead of the current tall boy (same position). We have shown some storage options for here too.

For the floor space, we have suggested a choice of 2 round rugs and a selection of floor pouffes and storage baskets (which would all work well with the fabric floor cushions should you choose to have those made).

We are suggesting replacing the shelving area to the right of the fireplace with this white storage unit from Ikea. The doors ensure more clean and tidy storage. The metal stackable boxes and trunks also make attractive storage.

This is a room that will be as relevant to Ruby in her teenage years as it is to her now!

Keywords: modern, stylish, girly, practical

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