Based on your brief and our visit to your lovely home, we think that your bedroom needs to feel like your sanctuary and place to escape from the outside world. We think that your Hockney picture could sit beautifully on top of your walnut chest of drawers with a linen runner over the chest, and provide a colour palette of soft pink and green-blue for this room. We have suggested a large fabric upholstered headboard which would hang centred above your bed filling that wall space. with matching cushions sitting in front of it. A new pair of bedside tables and lamps will add symmetry to frame your bed, and we have suggested a triple sheepskin throw to put over your sofa, softening the dark green and adding cosiness. The buttoned cocktail stool is a feminine touch- you can place the marble tray on top as somewhere to put your coffee whilst curling up on the sofa to read the paper. A large plant by the window brings the outside in, bringing natural serenity. All these choices tie in well with the living room scheme but in more serene and muted tones.


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