We agreed that the Lotus Wallpaper will make a gorgeous feature in this room, across one or all the walls. If one wall then we would suggest the wall behind the 3 seater sofa. We have suggested a 3 seater Snowdrop sofa from sofa.com in a grey tweed. The grey double sheepskin can run over the seat cushions adding cosiness and protecting the fabric from sticky hands and spillages (the sheepskin can go in the washing machine). We have selected some Niki Jones cushions to dress the sofa in soft greys with touches of mustard and gold, picking out colours and patterns from your kitchen and hallway floor tiles. You are not keen on side tables so we suggest this small buttoned ottoman that can be used as an extra seat, a footstool or when you put a tray on top it can work as a side table.

Turning to the other long wall, we agreed to move your leather chair here and have suggested a snowdrop armchair in a soft blue fabric sit alongside it. The leather armchair would look great with this soft teal wool blanket thrown over the back and we have suggested more Niki Jones cushions for each of the armchairs to dress them and connect them together, since they are such different designs. The hexagonal nest of tables in brass, copper and metal is super contemporary as well as practical; when you entertain you will have two other tables for guests to put their drinks on (quite important since you are not having a coffee table).

For the lighting, it would be lovely to use the colourful Pooky table lamps either side of the sofa; one placed on top of the new built in cupboards under the window and the other on the ottoman/ tray at the other end of the sofa. Alternatively if space is tight on the sofa wall you could put the table lamp on the hexagonal tables between your armchair and use the floor light next to the sofa.

We have suggested building in a lovely window seat that will offer plenty of storage for toys/ paperwork as well as create extra seating, making the space work harder for you. We have a lovely upholsterer who can create a bespoke seat pad to top this and we suggest using more of the cushions for cosiness. Around the fireplace you can build in both sides but perhaps keep the shelving above the cupboards only on the TV side, leaving space for the window and a lamp on the other side. You could create a contrast in your paintwork by selecting Cornforth white for the shelves, or just keep it all in Oval Room Blue. We suggest putting a large round brass mirror above your fireplace to complete your room.

Keywords: Contemporary, welcoming, family, flow

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