Following your brief, we have added to your room to create a happy, uplifting and welcoming room, bringing in your favourite colours of orange and turquoise. The feel is summery and positive but also cosy and seeks to link well with the garden, creating a more unified, larger feel to the space.

We have selected a linen fabric for your curtains with a soft mint block print pattern which gives a leafy impression, linking beautifully to your garden. We are including a selection of orange patterned fabrics which could be used for floor cushions.

We are suggesting a selection of blue and orange toned cushions and throws for your blue sofa. Lighting wise, we have selected a white table lamp to side on a side table one end of the sofa and a reading light at the other end of the sofa. As discussed, we feel that a rounder shaped coffee table would work well to widen the feel of the room and we are offering 2 options here, either of which would look great teamed with the small turquoise velvet footstool.

As discussed, we feel that the placing of a bench with a selection of plants against the chimney breast would help the room and give a lovely focal point. We have offered 2 options.

As you plan not to keep your leather chair, we are suggesting a turquoise chair in it’s place (2 choices) and perhaps a matching chair in the window in orange…We love the idea of the wood and colour chairs as they link well to the garden.

We are proposing a selection of baskets, 2 of which will work well on your shelves. We are also suggesting a smaller glazed table lamp for your shelf. Further plant stands and runner complete the look.

Keywords: happy, uplifting, welcoming, stylish

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