At our meeting, you explained that you would like your room to feel smarter, more polished, more grown up. You also told us about your new purchases including grey corner sofa and glass coffee table and side tables.

Our aim in building your board has been to continue this story of a smart and elegant room while retaining touches of wood and cosiness in order to respect the flow of your home into the kitchen and the fact that this is a family home.

We are recommending a bespoke TV unit in painted wood. We feel that adding back some wood is important to retain the flow and cosiness. The longer length unit will allow a lamp on either side, adding formality. We have chosen a selection of shades of blue velvet cushions with touches of red and mustard. Sitting lanterns in the window instead of photos will also looks smarter. Adding a tray of tea lights to the glass coffee table will add style and cosiness. We are suggesting 2 chairs leading to the fireplace and a change of over mantle mirror. We are offering a choice of console with mirror and lamps on the wall leading to the kitchen. Again, the pair of lamps add to the elegance.

Keywords: smart, elegant, family

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