You have created a beautiful lounge already and so we are suggesting finishing touches.

We have chosen a selection of cushions for your sofas to add cosiness, texture and interest. These are all within the existing colour palette to maintain the calmness of the room. There is a little more room in the middle of the floor to add to the current footstool and so we are suggesting the placement of a round side table in front of the love-seat. We have chosen a large tray to sit on top of your existing footstool to allow you to use this as a coffee table when needed. We have selected a choice of 2 side tables for either side of the larger sofa (if space both sides) and we are offering a choice of 2 statement lamps to side on these tables, both in the soft blue tones from the current colour palette. As discussed, we feel that the placement of a chair by the doors to the adjoining room will complete the space and help complete a more sociable seating configuration. We have selected 2 choices. Final touches are candlesticks on the fireplace and the placement of some plants.

Keywords: elegant, grown up, costal

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