Noting your ensuite floor tiles and the contemporary feel of your en suite furniture, we wanted to create a bedroom that flows well with this space.

Taking inspiration from the floor tiles, we felt it was important to use circles in the bedroom hence the choice of the round mirror for above your bed, the round cushion and the round pattern on the bedspread. We have also selected a rug with specs of black to help tie the spaces together. You mentioned the possibility of coral colour for an upholstered headboard. We felt that the coral would be too strong but we are proposing a soft blush pink fabric with a contemporary pattern. We think this would look beautiful but we have also prepared an ‘option 2’ board with a more neutral colour just on case! The ceiling light choice is contemporary, again to ensure flow. All put together with the French style mirror and little stool, it’s feeling elegantly Parisian in flavour!

Keywords: elegant, luxurious, parisian, flow

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