We have designed a guest bedroom that flows on from the colours in the landing and the gorgeous tile and colour choices in the guest bathroom. We have created a room that has a coastal feel, picking out soft greys, warm sea blues and sandy yellows to create a calm and welcoming space. We suggest painting the wall behind the head of the bed in Dix’s Blue to create a lovely feature, and then using Skimming Stone for the wardrobes and woodwork. You could then choose either Pointing or Skimming Stone for the rest of the room.

The bed can be dressed in simple white bedlinen (see link 15) with the chunky grey throw over it, layered up with a pop of colour from the teal quilt or turquoise blanket. We suggest two grey and mustard cushions placed in front of each pillow, the soft yellow tones running onto the floor with the rug. This would sit with the long side of the rug tucked under the feet at the end of the bed. The wooden bench can sit flush to the end of the bed to dress the space, you can place books, a throw, a blanket or sheepskin here for added cosiness. The wooden chair from Angel and Boho can be painted in any colour- you can add an other colour pop of teal or mustard or keep it neutral. It is somewhere for guests to perch/ leave clothes, and would also look lovely with either the mustard or turquoise throw depending on your paint choice. Wall hooks are a great way of offering guests some easy storage and these blue ones add an other lovely hint of colour. The baskets are great for storing extra blankets, magazines and freshening the room up with a plant.


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