We have created a bedroom that exudes a luxurious boutique hotel feel, taking the grey and grape tones of your bathroom and dressing room and the greens and aubergine tones in your garden as the colour palette. Fabrics for curtains, bed and headboard, chairs, cushions and footstools are mainly velvet and silks to bring a luxe, grown up feel. The dark wood, marble and mirrored furnishings further create a luxury boutique hotel feel.

On a practical level, we are presenting a selection of fabric choices for curtains and upholstery of bed, headboard and footstools. Once we have selected your preferred fabrics for these items, we can discuss which of the cushions on the board would best compliment the selection. One version 1 of our board, we are showing an option of a sofa at the end of the bed and a round ottoman to the garden side area, between the dressing table and the floor mirror. In version 2, we are showing a storage bench at the bottom of the bed and two chairs and a coffee table to the garden side, sitting in front of the floor mirror. We also have an alternative chest of drawers and bedside table to show you.

Keywords: Luxurious, boutique hotel, flow

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