Artisan Metal Trays

Artisan Metal Trays

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·These beautiful trays are handmade by artisans in copper and then coated in tin. They are made in Turkey for Ottomania. The small trays with scalloped edges are the perfect place to sit a candle or small plant pot and they look great next to the kitchen sink with your hand soap sitting on top.

We love to use the larger tray to create a focal point on our kitchen table, island or worktop. Gather together a little plant pot, a small candle or two or vase of tiny flowers and place them all on this tray for a pretty display.

  • The small tray measures 12cm diameter

  • The large tray 38cm diameter

Style Tip: place the larger tray on an upholstered footstool in your living room as a place to rest your wine glass in the evening. 

We donate a small percentage of our profits from these trays to Shelter.

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