We are recommending costal artwork for the sofa wall. We are suggesting a piece by Alex Morton. 2 examples are shown on your board put we recommend visiting his website to find your perfect choice. Many would work well. We are suggesting reinstating the fireplace, adding tiles and lanterns to the hearth area and placing a mirror and candlesticks on top. We are suggesting the addition of a wallpaper for the wall with the fireplace. This will all help create a beautiful focal point. We are making a few suggestions for an additional table lamp beside the sofa. The gold and pewter cushions and blue tasseled throw would help dress the sofa. The grey sheepskin, blue cushion and white pom pom blanket or sea coloured mohair blanket would look great on the armchair in the window. All these accessories are of course interchangeable and simply add to the lovely atmosphere you have already created!

Keywords: calm, costal, elegant

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