We have noted your love of green, blue and purple shades and of summer and have made suggestions to help you create a modern and cosy room with these aspects in mind.

We are offering a choice of fabrics for the curtains (both ends of the room). Each of these feature a modern floral pattern. The Scion option brings in the purple. Each option should sit well with your grey painted walls.

We are suggesting the Snowdrop Sofa from Sofa.com in a cosy green / blue tweed. The footstool in sage velvet will add a bit of evening luxury and comfort and with the help of the tray, will double up as a coffee table. We have included another next of tables should you need.

We have selected a collections of cushions and throws to bring cosy comfort and more of your preferred colours into the room. The lavender coloured throw would look lovely folder over the footstool. The rug choice is contemporary and brings a darker blue into the room for some depth. The ceiling light also brings a natural, contemporary feature.

We feel that the painted over-mantle mirror will look lovely and we are suggesting some candle holders to accessorise the fireplace. Bringing some plants into the room would be lovely and so we have selected some planters for you with this in mind. Knitted poufs provide additional seating or footstools when needed.

Keywords: cosy, modern, green, blue, purple

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