We seek to understand your personal style as a starting point

"Cocoon provided exceptional service, particularly in their ability to interpret my taste and needs as well as operating to a sensible budget."

- Rosemarie

"I wasn’t sure how my ramblings would be interpreted but you successfully extracted, honed and implemented my style into your design."

- Preeya

"Cocoon understood my style and what we were looking for so quickly and astutely. All the recommendations were relevant and would have worked in the space and you were always happy to incorporate items I had seen separately."

- Jenny


The board helps to visualize how the room would look with the proposed purchases

"The board is brilliant, it really brings your vision to life and helps visualise pieces whilst standing in the space."

- Preeya

"The boards work really well to help conceptualise the whole look of a room, provide options and choices and generally make you feel special - not many experience a customised home design experience at such great value for money."

- Eva

"The board really helps to picture what the room could look like and gives lots of different ideas on the same theme so that you still feel like you are creating the look yourself and can choose what suits you best. The shopping list is amazing and exactly what we needed to be able to get on and start to recreate our lounge."

- Emma

"We loved the room boards as they made a very useful visual aid and a reference point that we could keep going back to."

- Layla

"The shopping list is a fabulous part of the service because I simply don't have the time, know-how or inclination to spend hours trawling websites or shops for suitable ideas and products."

- Sadie


We offer inspiration and gentle support when you are feeling a little stuck

"I found it very helpful that you were happy to talk through some of my ideas with me. Some of what I needed was a ‘critical friend’ role because I had some ideas about changes I thought I wanted to make but wasn’t sure they would work…"

"… You gave me the confidence to go ahead and we are thrilled with the results."

- Dee

"You helped me to move forward with ideas I had lacked confidence to go ahead with, as well as giving me great new ideas. You were able to give the room a cohesive overview, something I was struggling to do on my own."

- Dee

"You have helped me to pinpoint a colour scheme that I wouldn't have considered - although I had teal in my mind, I hadn't thought about the pinks as well."

- Sadie


Our clients enjoy the experience


"I just wish I had more rooms in my house so I’d have an excuse to invite you back again.  Your warm welcoming presence combined with your gentle yet thorough consulting style has delivered a beautiful interior design scheme interpreting my style and covering every aspect imaginable in an easy-to-use board and guide to move forward."

- Preeya

"The experience was flexible, fun and fantastic!"

- Eva

"I wasn’t keen on the idea of an interior designer and I was nervous of being persuaded into making expensive styling decisions. Cocoon allayed all my concerns within moments of meeting them. They were very friendly and totally understood that whilst we wanted to be stylish, we had a limited budget and small children and didn’t want to feel like we were living in a show home."

- Layla

"I loved the fact that you offered a service which allowed me to pick the aspects I liked and to make changes at my own speed- I had been worried about feeling railroaded!"

- Dee

"I love the bespoke nature of your service. It feels really personal and that you care."

- Rebecca